Life is short, so we always want our results as soon as possible, especially when losing weight. That awful period of waiting the pounds to vanish can feel like an eternity, no matter how strictly you diet or how much you exercise. The effects even may be significant or durable, but to wait for them is always a torture.

Still, one of the main problems with fast weight loss programs is that they’re not suited for everyone. For example, long high-intensity exercise sessions are not always a good option for the often fragile and gracious female organism, while males often don’t endure calorie-deficit weight loss diets due to their higher basal calorie need compared to that of women. So, is there something universal that works great for both men and women in terms of a fast weight loss? Of course there is, and even in multiple options!

We’ve gathered detailed information on three specific and highly effective programs for rapid weight loss that will be suitable for anyone out there, disregarding sex, age and initial weight. Let’s start! 

Option #1: hCG Complex


This product has been a leader in its niche for years already. hCG Complex is a homeopathic hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) dietary supplement in form of oral drops. It does not contain any actual hCG, but its components altogether provide an effect that’s almost identical to that of hCG: they induce fat-burning processes under conditions of calorie-deficit.

All hCG products, including hCG Complex, are the fundamental part of the famous hCG weight loss diet proposed by Dr Simeons in 1954. Having either real hCG or analogues of the latter, their main function is to boost of metabolism, induce fat breakdown and aid in useful mass building processes. This is thanks to the natural role of hCG – one of the main hormones during pregnancy. hCG is responsible for ensuring that the developing fetus will receive enough nutrients and energy even when the woman does not. In other words, it tricks your body into tricking that it is pregnant, so if your calorie intake drops significantly, your body will come up with a way to provide everything needed to your “baby” – and that’s achieved mostly through utilization of previously stored fat.

Although there’s no real hCG in this formula, the complex of useful amino acids and herbal extracts provide an effect that’s almost identical to the hormone’s action. This way you’ll both be blessed with a quick weight loss (between 0.5 and 0.75 pounds daily), and still don’t use any hormonal components at all.

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Option #2: hCG Triumph

15698_24579_aaafb304943d0bcc7998a75d420f7a9dJust the name already sounds enthusiastic, right? And not without a reason, because hCG Triumph is also one of the best products that ensure rapid weight loss for both men and women. But contrary to the previous fast weight loss program, this one has real hCG in it. Some people out there believe that this ensures a greater and more durable effect, but such a statement isn’t exactly true. While all the options present in this article promote significant weight loss, they do it from different angles and approaches, either providing you with real hCG or imitating its action. Anyway, hCG Triumph is the “real deal” in terms of hCG.

As we said, hCG is a highly active hormone naturally present in the human organism during pregnancy. Speaking simple, it tunes your body into burning previously stored fat under circumstances of calorie intake deficit. It also stimulates your body to build muscle bass.

But is a “pregnancy” hormone safe for a man to intake? Answer: absolutely. In the doses present in modern oral drops, hCG does not impose any other significant effect besides quick weight loss. Injection forms of hCG are widely used to treat infertility, but that’s a completely different matter. You won’t be taking any injections and you won’t be receiving doses of the substance that could mess up your hormone system or your body in general. hCG works as a dietary supplement aimed to support you through the 500 daily calorie program that’s part of the traditional hCG protocol – a weight loss diet designed specifically to maximize the effect of low-dose hCG on your body. Safe and effective, this is a favorite of thousands for more than 60 years already.

Tested multiple times throughout the years by customers and scientists from all around the world, it’s absolutely safe to say that hCG Triumph and the hCG diet itself is an amazing option for rapid weight loss suitable for both men and women!

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Option #3: hCG 1234

3364039a-1823-443c-994d-7e1763102a0c_1-5ef0c6ea6598b686c50cbef334c23edfIf you think that losing a significant amount of weight is a hard and long story – think again, because with the aid of hCG 1234 losing around 6 pounds per week almost effortlessly is now as easy as, well, counting to 4!

This amazing dietary supplement is another homeopathic analogue of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Just like hCG Complex, hCG 1234 is also an oral drops formula of amino acids and herbal extracts that altogether imply the same effect as real hCG on your body without having to take the actual hormone!

Other components of hCG 1234 strengthen up your immune system, boost your metabolism, enhance athletic performance, give you additional energy and improve your mood – a perfect combination of effects for a quick weight loss. Just take into account that in order to ensure maximum and durable results, it’s necessary to follow up the hCG weight loss protocol when taking your hCG oral drops. It’s a rough weight loss diet with multiple restrictions, but with the help of hCG (or its analogues, like combinations of amino acids and herbal extracts) you’ll be able to go through the whole course painlessly and achieving massive weight loss.

As with other hCG oral drops, the approximate rate of weight loss is about 0.5-0.75 pounds daily, when all the recommendations are followed up strictly. That’s some fast weight loss for you!

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No matter what product you decide to try out, they have some stuff in common:

  • They’re highly effective, tested by hundreds of customers already.
  • Their action isn’t based on any sexual peculiarities, so these are great options for fast weight loss suitable for both men and women.
  • These three products are absolutely safe. There are no contraindications or side effects, because the components are natural and always tested before selling.
  • Coming in convenient bottles, the oral drops are fairly easy to use and carry with you. Just put the amount of drops prescribed under your tongue, keep them there for about 30 seconds – and you’re done! Continue as stated in the instructions.
  • Besides quick weight loss, these products ensure a metabolism boost, increase mood and quality of sleep, provide extra energy and support your immune system.

As you see, effective and rapid weight loss programs for both men and women are absolutely real and affordable for anyone out there. Pick the product that catches your eye and contact the official manufacturer in order to make a safe purchase with a guaranteed effect and customer support, if needed!