HCG test strips:

As you embark on your journey to weight loss and wellness, gathering up all necessities required by HCG diet would be a wise choice.  One of the items that you will need is a good set of testing by strip test  which out the potency of the HCG supplement that you have purchased.  Unfortunately, there are many scams and gimmicks out there with claims of offering the best, most pure and potent product.  So clear sign pregnancy testing is the formula to make sure it is the “real deal” would be best, especially before too much time passes and a lot of money is wasted. So here you get how to read pregnancy test?,  How does the pregnancy test strip work?,  Urine pregnancy test strip, self pregnancy test strip and so on.

hcg test strips testing strips

Additionally, hcg pregnancy test strips can come in handy if you are monitoring ketone or glucose levels in a urinary specimen to see how effectively you are following the diet and to figure out how to get out of a plateau or when or if a steak or egg day is needed.  Since the ketone level in your body correlates with how high or low metabolism is occurring, you might need to check periodically to make you are not incorporating too many carbohydrates, too little protein or both.  This information would also be quite helpful if you need to visit with a healthcare provider about any questions or concerns that you might have while adhering to this diet plan.


As you start utilizing the testing strips, you might consider studying carefully any procedures and preparation.  When concocting an HCG mixture, be sure to follow any instructions given in a HCG diet guide or any mixing directions on the label of the product.  Normally, you will have to mix with a solution like bacteriostatic sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water.  What either of these solvents will do is suspend the HCG mixture in order to make it last longer.  Therefore, as time passes, you will need to test your mixture to ensure that its potency stays up to quality standard.  Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Gather all necessary tools for the testing to avoid having “run and get” an item since timing is extremely important. These include a timer—either your watch, oven time, egg timer, or something of that sort.  Some cell phones have this type of app. You will also need a dropper or syringe for measuring, withdrawing, and dispensing the HCG mixture and of course, the testing strip, which will only be used once.  These are not designed for multiple uses.  Also, remember to keep pouches that contain the strips sealed until right before the test to prevent contamination and to maintain effectiveness.  These should be stored in a dry, dark place between 39º to 77º F.
  • Keep in mind that at the time of testing, both the strip and the HCG mixture have to be at room temperature. Take one strip out of the pouch when you are ready to test.
  • When you place a small amount of the mixture on the strip, do not go above the “Max” line. This will render the test results invalid.  Also, after you place the drop on the strip, wait about three seconds before placing the strip on top of a flat, clean, non-porous surface.
  • You will need to wait exactly five minutes before reading the result. This is where setting the timer is crucial.

How to read a pregnancy test:

Once the time is up, you’ll notice changes in the strip as color band(s) appear.  You will need to remember the following characteristics when you go to read the results:

  • For a NEGATIVE reading (meaning that your HCG mixture is not potent enough, or you were duped because it contains no HCG at all), you will see just one colored band in the Control zone and nothing in the Testing zone. This shows an absence of the HCG hormone.
  • For a POSITVE reading, you will see very clear and distinct colored bands in the Control zone. How dark they are will depend on the concentration of HCG in the mixture.
  • INVALID readings show either no colored bands at all or one band in the Test region.

For some brands, the indicators’ appearance and the timing might vary slightly, but following the directions on the package is very important and will aide in obtaining an accurate reading.  Another important detail to keep in mind about the testing strips for HCG is that they do not work on any of the following mixtures:

  • Homeopathic
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Sublingual

Other purposes for hcg test strips, while on the HCG diet include monitoring ketone and glucose levels—both of which can affect metabolism. If you’re adhering to the rules on foods and beverages, then your body will remain in ketosis for a short period of time but long enough to shed unwanted pounds.  Glucose levels will help explain why you might still have some trouble dropping the weight, in the event of not following the rules exactly since too much sugar and carb can slow weight loss down dramatically.  The strips that are used to test for these levels are usually dipped into a urine specimen.  Just like the strips that test the HCG levels, following the instructions closely will help in revealing an accurate result.

  • Stay hydrated throughout the duration of the diet. Drinking plenty of water will not only keep all systems running smoothly, it will ensure a more accurate reading of the ketone level.
  • Pay close attention to the color scale in the container. The shades indication varying degrees of the substance that you are testing for.  As an example, if the strip comes out dark purple, this reflects overly concentrated urine, which is a sign of dehydration.
  • Drinking alcohol is discouraged while on this diet, but taking in even a small amount might give off a positive reading for the presence of ketones, since alcohol prompts the liver to produce them. In the event you have ingested an alcoholic beverage, than you will need to wait longer before testing.  (Given the amount of carbs and sugar in some drinks, this could also indicate high glucose levels as well.)
  • The best time to test is right after getting up in the morning when you urinate for the first time. This guarantees a more accurate reading for both ketones and glucose.
  • Remember when reading results, purple is the color to look for in relation to ketone levels. For testing glucose, there are many brands of strips that can be purchased specifically for that purpose.  These also contain a color-coded scale on the package or in the enclosed instruction leaflet.

As you can see, obtaining these three kinds of strips can help you keep track of your body’s changes during the phases of the HCG diet and even give you peace of mind.