The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone or HCG plays very distinct roles in both men and women.  Women, in particular, tend to possess higher amounts of this hormone for the purpose of protecting a developing embryo and later on, a developing baby in the womb by suppressing the body’s immune reaction to the blastocyst.  Also, it helps increase the production of estrogen and stimulates ovulation, which is why it is sometimes used to treat infertility.  For men, HCG facilitates the production of testosterone.  In male adolescents, this hormone also helps facilitate sexual development, and later on assists in increasing sperm count (also used, though rarely, to treat men with low sperm count that correlates to infertility). For both genders, this hormone originates in the pituitary gland.

In this article, the focus is on the use of the HCG hormone in conjunction with steroid use including the following:

  • Purpose for incorporation of HCG
  • Effect on diet and weight loss
  • Recommended dosage and length of time for both genders
  • Preparation and Administration

Hcg Steroids Benefit:

Is hCG a steroid? Likewise HCG can be used by both men and women who are also utilizing anabolic steroids when undergoing a weight loss plan, like the HCG Diet for instance.  The role that HCG plays, in this case, is to counteract any suppression of hormones that is caused by regular steroid use.  Over time, the use of anabolic steroids decreases the production of testosterone, and the rate at which it is suppressed depends on how much and how often the steroid is administered along with the person’s reaction to it.  Normally, if the use of steroids is discontinued altogether, then testosterone levels will gradually return to normal on their own.  That is only if the person was not already experiencing low testosterone or underwent any damage to HPTA during the period of using hcg steroids.

This is where the HCG steroids supplement comes into play.  Since the process for the return of normal testosterone production is extremely slow, and a person experiences all of the symptoms that accompany this condition, the HCG injection can only be given for a short amount of time but can greatly improve this dilemma.  Ideally, it increases the production of testosterone and facilitates recovery if the individual ceases all anabolic steroid use but can also be used during a cycle (though not always, depending on one’s condition). This is where hcg steroids risk a bit, let’s see how – One drawback is that the person can also become dependent on the HCG, but with close monitoring and regulation—not to mention utilizing the lowest effective dose possible, this mishap can be avoided.

Moreover, this hormone, along with close adherence to the protocol of the HCG diet, will boost metabolism, especially if regular workouts are incorporated into the daily regimen.  So even after putting a stop to injecting anabolic steroids, one can still maintain energy and fitness due to eating the right foods and exercising.  This wards off the build-up of cortisol that can happen as an effect of cessation of steroid use and a decline in testosterone level.  Another important possibility to remember is that the combination of the HCG hormone and healthy, nutritious food choices will protect valuable muscle tissue that a person has worked so hard to build up, so as not to lose tone, strength, or stamina.  So if carefully, monitored a dieter is looking at a fairly smooth, uneventful transition, especially while being mindful of the following factors:

  • HCG, itself, does not curb appetite, but if one sticks closely to the diet, then cortisol levels can be regulated, if not decreased, thus preventing weight gain.
  • The temporary use of HCG can serve to prepare the body for any SERM (selected estrogen receptor modulator) therapy that may be needed; otherwise, on its own, it may be enough to jump start testosterone levels enough for normal function.
  • For men in some situations, HCG can also be incorporated into a steroid cycle to prevent testicular atrophy; HOWEVER, this might be safer only if closely monitored to prevent developing a dependency.
  • If one is not already aware, HCG supplements must be refrigerated.

With all of that in mind, proper dosage HCG is extremely important as well as paying close attention to how much time this hormone is used overall.  Just like with any form of medicating, dosage will be determined by body weight and purpose for utilizing among other factors, like general overall health condition, one’s reaction (side effects) and determination of any counteraction with other medications or supplements taken by the dieter. (Consulting a health care provider would be wise in this situation.)  When the reason is to boost testosterone levels, treatment can last from six weeks to a year.  For the short term, 500 to 1000 IU’s for three times a week for three weeks is fairly standard for men.  This can eventually be cut back to a twice-per-week with the same dosage amount for another three weeks, especially if one is responding quite well. If a longer treatment is deemed necessary, then 4,000 IU’s would be given three times a week for six to nine months followed by a pattern of 2000 IU’s three times a week for three months. For women, 5,000 to 10,000 IU’s per month is often used, but this mostly relates to injections for the sake of infertility treatment.  Instructions for daily dosage while on the HCG diet can be obtained from a healthcare expert.

For the individual who is phasing out steroid use, 250 IU’s every four to five days is all that is necessary.  Another option is daily administration at 500 to 1000 IU’s for ten straight days before embarking on SERM therapy.  It is highly recommended that when utilizing HCG while curbing steroid use, one should not go any longer than the ten days if natural testosterone production is to be maintained.  I just wanted to add that countries like UK and in baseball usage is legalized.

As far as administrating, HCG is usually injected via syringe into the body.  When purchased, the HCG-containing substance comes in a vial as dry pellets along with another vial that contains a solvent to mix with.  The person giving the injection will mix the solution, draw out the correct amount, and after injecting, will place any unused portion in the refrigerator.  HCG is also sold in a pre-mixed formula; however this is only for use by pharmaceutical companies.  Another type is sold in pre-measured syringes.  The following procedures are crucial for safe administration:

  • Make sure the top of the vial is always sterile. Wipe thoroughly using rubbing alcohol.
  • Always use a new and sterile needle, NEVER share needles.
  • Do not use the mixture if it is cloudy or discolored. Also, discard any mixture if uncertain of the age, as bacteria tends to flourish more readily in a water-based solution.
  • Always refrigerate any unused portion.

Injection can be subcutaneous (just under the skin, for example, in the abdominal region) or intramuscular (in the muscle of the arm or thigh) depending on preference.  As with any medicinal or dietary regimen, being aware of any complications is vital, and a health care provider should be notified.  Also, following the precautions and guidelines for dosing and usage, as well as time span, will help yield optimum results.