HCG Injections: Guidelines to Preparing and Injecting the HCG Solution

What to choose?  What is the most effective?  When figuring out the best option for supplementing while following the HCG diet, there are quite few choices, from sublingual drops to “homeopathic” formulas that supposedly contain enough of the hormone to help you maintain muscle while following this hcg injections for weight loss plan.  One possibility to consider is the HCG injection to ensure that the hormone is potent enough and going directly into your bloodstream.  Think about it as “fast tracking.”  The HCG would not have to take the long voyage through your digestive system. Even if absorbed into your skin, that route could still take a while before the hormone “kicks in.”  Therefore, injecting is the most efficient method that allows you to reap the benefits right away!

HCG Injections


Also, when purchasing your HCG product, you might be aware of the various forms, but the two most popular are the powder and the pellets.  Often, these come with the solvent to mix the powder with.  There are also pre-mixed formulas, but these can only be obtained with a prescription, which might not be a bad idea if you’re being monitored by a healthcare provider and want to be sure of getting the exact dosage that would be the most effective and the safest.  Other HCG formulas come in pre-mixed syringes for fast injecting without having to mix, but you must make sure that these do not contain too much or too little of the solution because either way, you could experience some adverse side effects.  Remember that the main purpose of this substance is to bring balance to the rest of your hormone levels and to keep your body from going into starvation mode.  So having just the right amount at the best quality of potency is going to aide your weight loss process in the long run.

Guidelines for Preparing HCG Injection Solution:

When employing the injection method, following a few guidelines will help you to reach peak results safely.  Here are some details to consider:

  • HCG injection mixture must be refrigerated.
  • Do not use the mixture if it is cloudy or discolored. Also, discard any mixture if uncertain of the age, as bacteria tends to flourish more readily in a water-based solution.
  • Always check the expiration date on the package. Throw away any product that is too old.
  • If you’re unsure of the ratio of HCG powder or pellets or mix with the solvent, then you should perhaps consider taking your items to a compounding pharmacy for assistance.

Another factor to remember is that HCG, itself, does not curb appetite, but if you adhere to the foods and beverages that are allowed on the diet, the HCG will do its job in regulating the other hormones, especially cortisol, thus preventing weight gain. Usual dosing can consist of 500 IU’s three times a week. For some individuals, the dosage might range as low as 250 IU’s to as high as 1750 IU’s, but again, you will need to proceed with caution and perhaps even consult a healthcare provider to be certain of the safest recommended amount.  Remember that going beyond any recommended dosage will not help but perhaps only cause some unwanted side effects. This hcg injections are available not only for women but also for men too. We have provided hcg reviews sections in previous pages just have a look over there. Women use the hcg injections for infertility which is a recommended by doctors’ prescription only.

How to prepare the HCG Solution:

Preparing the HCG solution can be fairly simple, especially if the compound comes with the solvent in a separate vial.  You also have the option of mixing with sterile water (that means to boil it first; then allow to cool) if you do not wish to use the solvent or if the product does not include it, but always avoid trying to use both water and solvent for mixing.  Also, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe off the surface that you will be using with a bleach/water solution or alcohol to ensure sterility.  For the mixing process, you will be using a larger syringe STRICTLY for this purpose and NOT for injecting.  The following instructions are simply general guidelines.  You might need to refer to the manual that comes with your product.

  • Wipe off the outer part of the ampoule with rubbing alcohol.
  • Break open the neck of an ampoule at the most narrow area. To avoid cutting yourself, you can use an ampoule breaker.  Also tilt the ampoule slightly downward to keep tiny pieces of glass from dropping into the solution.
  • Wipe off the rubber top of the Bacteriostatic Sterile Water with rubbing alcohol and the rubber top of the empty glass sterile vial for mixing.
  • Take the large syringe and draw out a little less than 1ml of sterile water and inject it into the empty sterile vial for mixing.
  • Next draw 1 ml of sterile water into the mixing syringe and inject into the HCG ampoule. The powder should dissolve rather quickly, but do NOT shake.  A gentle swirl is enough.
  • Draw this liquid back into the syringe and inject it into the glass vial that contains the sterile water.
  • This is the mixture that you will be injecting using a DIFFERENT sterile syringe.

How to take HCG Injections:

For hcg injection injecting into the body, you will use an insulin syringe which is a lot smaller than the mixing syringe following these guidelines:

  • Remove the cap and covering from the insulin syringe.
  • Wipe the rubber top of the vial that contains the HCG mixture with rubbing alcohol.
  • Inject the syringe right into the center of the rubber top.
  • Pull back on the top of the syringe until you withdraw the desired amount of the mixture (go only to the 20 mark for the First Phase; the 30 mark will be for the Second Phase)
  • Next, wipe the area, where the injection will be administered, with rubbing alcohol. Normally, this will be in the abdominal region, but this injection can also be given in the arm or thigh.
  • Take the needle and insert directly into the skin, going at a diagonal angle if you wish, and press. You will not need to aspirate.  If bleeding occurs, simply wipe off with another alcohol pad, but bleeding rarely happens.
  • When finished, dispose of the needle by dropping it into a container marked specifically for that purpose. This container can be taken to your local health department for proper handling and disposal.
  • Place any unused HCG mixture in the refrigerator.

So this process is quite simple if following the guidelines carefully.  If you don’t feel confident about injecting yourself, you can always ask a healthcare professional or a trusted friend. Also, feel free to contact your doctor or healthcare provider if you have any kind of adverse reaction to the injection or if a rash develops on the injection site. Also you can take hcg drops or hcg pills for use.  Normally, this would not happen, but paying close attention to what your body is telling you is always a prudent idea. You should search for various hcg injection available online before purchasing the HCG Injections. While searching you check for cheap hcg injections? where to buy hcg injections online? hcg and b12 injections for weight loss? along with hcg injections dosage. Use the product and get benefitted.