HCG Diet Phase 4 – Maintenance

Here we discuss the Hcg diet maintenance of Phase 4 is all about. Now that the diet is technically over, it is time to keep those pounds off forever. You have established self-control and discipline during the HCG diet but it is easy to slip back into old habits if you do not follow the steps given by the HCG drops.

With HCG Complex, the maintenance phase begins on day forty-three for the three-week program and day sixty-four of the six-week program. During this time, starches and sugars will slowly be incorporated into your diet in moderation. You do not have to be quite as strict with calories but you still should be conscientious of what you are eating and to eat smaller portions throughout the day to avoid overeating to avoid creating bad habits.

With HCG 1234, phase four does not really have many instructions other than to remind people to watch what they eat. After all the time that has been spent on phases (phase for p) p1, p2, p3 one through three, good habits have been formed. However, it only takes about two weeks for new habits to be formed and it will not take much in order to go back to the unhealthy habits from before if you start eating the wrong food. Hopefully after the last several weeks though, the bad foods will make you feel sick and you will find yourself craving only healthy food. Phase four(p4) will begin on either day forty-five or day sixty-six.

On HCG Triumph, you are given two choices on how to proceed with the HCG diet. You can complete the diet and slowly work on introducing carbs back into your life or you can restart it for losing weight with HCG diet. You will need to wait at least thirty days to restart if you did the longer diet. But in the mean time you should maintain the weight loss with proper diet plan like using dr simeons food list. Also you can use tapioca weight loss for better results.

Despite making it over the last three hurdles on the HCG diet, there are probably still some questions about hcg phase 4 though.

When will the gradual increase of food/calories need to stop?

As soon as you have figured out how much you can eat to maintain your new desired weight and not gain anymore undesired pounds, you need to stop the increase of calories. The just right maintenance ‘diet’ has been found and will need to be implemented every day.

Speak to a diet coach that specializes in the HCG diet to calculate maintenance calories.

Do calories and carbs have to be increased during phase four?

If calories and carbs are not increased, the metabolism will slow down. This can actually lead to low energy and weight gain. After all the hard work that has been implemented during the last three phases, that is the last thing a person wants.

Should the food diary be continued?

The food diary should be continued so that you can hold yourself accountable for the foods you eat. Plus, with the food diary, you will be able to look back and analyze your data if there is ever any weight gain. There are also calorie counter websites that can help you with calorie counts if need be.

What exactly is the purpose of phase four? It just seems like returning to normal life.

The purpose of phase four is to slowly introduce foods back into your life. If it happens too drastically, the body will be sent into a shock which will interfere with the metabolism and blood sugar.

Should any foods be avoided?

Since you do not want to gain back the weight lost during HCG diet, processed foods with added preservatives and sugar should be avoided. Unhealthy foods should only be eaten in moderation.

Can the HCG diet be repeated?

The diet can be repeated after a certain amount of days or weeks depending on the particular HCG drops that have been used. But the key lies how you follow hcg diet maintenance.

With slight differences in phases p3 and p4,  the HCG diet is never technically over by now. Even though you may no longer be taking the HCG drops, it is still important to maintain the weight that has been achieved through the diet Otherwise, all the hard work will have been in vain. Continue to watch what you eat and use your food diary to hold yourself accountable. Use supportive friends or online support to help yourself remain in control of your diet as well as your new found looks!

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