HCG Diet Phase 3 Guide with Questions and Answers

You have been working hard on the HCG diet. You began with phase one which involved two days of eating high fat foods that contained a large number of calories. At first, this seemed crazy since this was the start of a diet but then began phase two. Phase two involved low calorie foods that were healthy. You could only eat foods you can eat in phase 3 that were on the list provided by your chosen HCG drops. After the last three or six weeks, depending on your plan, you have been steadily losing weight of nearly one pound a day and it is now time to stabilize your weight that you will hopefully be maintaining for the rest of your life. Depending on whether you are taking HCG Complex, HCG 1234, or HCG Triumph, phase three will be a little different on the steps and food involved for the third phase.

HCG Diet Phase 3 Guide Questions and Answers

On HCG Complex, like HCG 1234 and HCG Triumph, phase three involves stabilization. This will begin on day twenty-two or forty-three depending on whether you are doing the three or six-week program of phase two. The stabilization phase means taking a break from the HCG diet slightly in order to continue to keep the metabolism high. You will stop taking the drops but continue the HCG diet and continuing with the same number of calories that were being consumed during phase two. This should continue for three days after the end of the HCG drops and then you can start making some slight changes. Calories should slowly begin to increase to about one thousand, two hundred to one thousand, four hundred per day. Dairy products should still be limited and fruit should not be eaten with protein. And for the first three weeks of finishing the drops, sugars and starches should be avoided. Before you just click start with phase 3 of hcg diet you should know by searching online on Hcg diet phase 3 recipes and phase 3 menu foods allowed.


HCG Diet Phase 3:

On HCG 1234, phase 3 hcg diet can begin by slowing adding more food back into your diet.  This will begin on day twenty-four of the three-week program or day forty-five of the six-week program. Begin with only adding one new food item each day so that you can see how the body is reacting after the low calorie diet from phase two. Like HCG Complex, sugars and starches need to be avoided for the next three weeks. You can have some dairy and fats and oils during this time though. After your weight has been stabilized, normal foods can be added back into the diet. This means bread and starches as long as they are eaten in moderation as well as occasional foods that contain sugar. Hopefully your body now has a craving for mostly healthy foods and will not want to eat those unhealthy foods. If you ever go above two pounds of your new weight though, it will be time for a unique diet day: Steak day. This needs to be done on the same day as the weight gain. Obviously, a steak day is where you eat steak. The bad thing is that it can only be eaten at dinner time. The rest of the day is spent eating nothing and only drinking water. For a dessert later that evening, you may have one apple or one tomato. Hopefully the next morning you should be back at the weight you were the day before. As long as you stick to this diet plan, your weight should be able to stay fairly constant for as long as you keep to your newly established diet. At first though, phase three is going to be a lot about learning what you can and cannot eat in order to avoid gaining anymore weight. Just follow Hcg phase 3 diet protocols like for breakfast, lunch and dinner to achieve better results, don’t cheat on hcg diet phase 3 . You can add apple day for hcg diet phase 3 with fruits that you like. Also make a habit of exercise daily for better health.

With HCG Triumph, the diet instructions are a little vague. But with ordering the drops, instructions will be given on how to properly lose the weight on the HCG diet. Hcg diet phase 3 with HCG Triumph drops will include stopping the HCG drops (after three days the drops will be out of your system). This time period will then be used to readjust your body to a regular diet. You should follow the diet of one thousand, five hundred calories as given in the instruction manual. These calories need to be divided between breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks. Also do not eat sugars or carbohydrates. Like with HCG 1234, a steak day is necessary. However, unlike with HCG 1234, the steak day is necessary if five or more pounds are gained. The instructions are just the same though as HCG 1234. Eat nothing all day except drink water and then eat a large steak for dinner.

After looking through the various details of each HCG drop for phase three, there are still probably some questions that need to be answered before proceeding with the diet.

Do I have to go through with phase three? Why should I stop phase two when I am losing weight right now?

As wonderful as the weight loss has been during phase two, it is very important to take a break. The body needs a chance to rest and recuperate in order to enable the maximum weight loss on the HCG diet. If you stay too long on phase two by only consuming a low number of calories, the metabolism will actually slow down. By increasing calories to one thousand, five hundred to two thousand, the metabolism will continue to increase. Plus, the body will also be able to optimize insulin sensitivity. You should maintain by eating through hcg phase three recipes.

How long should phase three last?

Phase three should last about three weeks. Phase two should not be longer than the six weeks instructed by the HCG drops. However, if after phase three you would like to repeat phase two, that is all right. Phase three(p3) should be repeated after the second round of phase two.

Do I have to eat carbs during phase three?

Carbohydrates should be eaten during stage three. Carbs are needed for hormone balance as well as the high metabolism needed in order to keep off the weight and to help the body lose more. The carbs should be avoided for the first three weeks though. You should continue with the HCG diet you have been following for stage two. Afterwards, you can eat oatmeal, rice, whole wheat bread, potatoes, beans, and pasta.

Should I continue with daily weighing and a food diary?

By weighing yourself daily, you will be able to make sure that you are not putting the weight back on. By keeping a food diary, you will be able to see how your food decisions are affecting your weight as well as hold yourself accountable for your decisions.

Will I gain the weight back if I am eating carbs?

You should not gain the weight back if you are eating healthy and eating the recommended carbs. After all, the increased calories are needed in order to keep the metabolism working at the current rate established in phase two.

After the low calorie diet of phase two and losing nearly a pound a day, it seems difficult to understand why it would be necessary to suddenly eat more calories and carbohydrates. But both is necessary to ensure that you keep the weight off and keep your metabolism high. During the stabilization phase of the HCG diet, the use of the drops will end and after a three-week period, you will bring back some old foods that you ate before the hcg diet phase 3 food list began. But with all that you have learned during phase two, your diet will remain healthy and you will continue to avoid cravings but still eat enough that satisfies the appetite.

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