HCG Diet Phase 2 Guide with Questions and Answers

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You have successfully completed phase one of the HCG diet. You have spent the last two days binge eating which seems rather odd when you think about dieting and managing what you eat in order to lose weight. That is what happens in phase two of the HCG diet though. And now, it is time to begin that we get hcg questions and answer them.

It is very important to understand what is going to happen in phase two because this is when most of the weight loss happens. Of course you want to be successful during this time. That is why it is extremely important to understand your diet in order to make weight loss a reality.

Phase two of the diet can last for a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of six. The low calorie diet during this time will enable the body to burn the stored fat while also suppressing the appetite. During this time, it will be very strategic to use the given online support for your drops. You will need to record all food and take body measurements every day. The HCG drops will need to be continued. You can reward yourself during this time for weight loss but the rewards must be sensible. Now that a general summary has been given for phase two, let’s look at some questions you might be having about this time period.

How can I prepare for hcg phase 2? 

How can you prepare for the three or six weeks on the low calorie diet in order to be successful during this very important phase? Before you begin, take pictures of yourself so that you can see what you look like before and after the diet. Weigh yourself beforehand and then set realistic goals. Set up rewards that do not involve food like a special outing or buying a special gift for yourself.

How often should I weigh myself? 

You should weigh yourself daily during phase two. By doing this every day, you will be able to see the immediate results. People on the HCG diet have lost nearly a pound a day. You will see new results every day! If you notice negative results, evaluate what you are eating and then change your diet slightly in order to have positive results. If you keep a food journal, it will be easier to find the good and bad foods. Plus, the food diary will help you lose bad habits like unhealthy snacking. After the diet ends, you will also know which foods will help you keep the weight off and help you remain your new healthy self.

Can the HCG diet be done in more or less than the three to six-week period?

 If you do not stay on the HCG diet for at least three weeks, the metabolism will not be able to reset and you will be stuck with the same slow metabolism from before the diet. If you stay on the diet longer than six weeks then that can reverse your metabolism as well. Make sure you only follow the recommended time period for all phases of the HCG diet.

What can I drink while on the HCG diet? 

Hcg questions like this are needed to be answered. You should be drinking water of course! No one can survive without water and people these days are definitely not drinking enough water when there are so many other choices of beverages. Make sure you are drinking the recommended eight classes of water a day. If you are thirsty, you might be feeling hunger pains. Since you do not want to mess up your diet by eating more, it is very important to stay hydrated. Along with water, you can also drink coffee or black tea.

How can I season foods? 

On the HCG diet, it is best to avoid unhealthy seasonings like salts, sugars, and salad dressings. Only use fresh seasonings. MCT oil can also be used for flavoring. This oil is a fat from coconut oil that can help the body by burning fat and also tastes good on food.

What kind of food can I eat while taking the HCG Complex drops?

If you are on the HCG Complex drops, you should be eating at least five hundred calories a day (no less!). Some diets involve eight hundred calories and some involve one thousand two hundred calories. With any of the diets you can only have one snack a day and that snack should be healthy. Fruit would be a good choice for a snack. Also on the diet you should eat two small meals a day (five hundred calorie diet) or three meals a day for any other calorie diet that consists of two proteins, two fruits, and two vegetables. Make sure you are not eating extra meals or choosing foods that are not on the special food chart otherwise you will not be able to maximize the weight loss that comes along with using the drops.

What can I eat while taking HCG 1234 drops? 

While taking HCG 1234 drops, you can consume anywhere from one thousand two hundred calories and one thousand five hundred calories. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, you should stay on the three-week diet. The six-week diet should be used for higher weight loss goals. Every day you should eat protein, fruit, vegetables, and bread. The bread and fruit should be limited to two servings a day. Salt and pepper are allowed on this diet. Again, just like with HCG Complex drops, do not eat any foods that are not on the given chart.

What about HCG Triumph drops? 

With HCG Triumph drops, it is a five hundred calorie diet and like before, you can only eat foods from the approved list. The manufacturer’s website also suggests taking a B-Vitamin every day as well. While the directions for phase two of the HCG diet online is very vague, all three of the HCG drops come with product guides that will provide instructions on each diet plan.

If weight loss has reached a plateau, HCG Triumph also suggests to take an apple day to jump start weight loss again. An apple day obviously consists of eating apples for a day.

Can I have a ‘cheat’ day if I am losing a lot of weight? 

Cheating on your HCG diet is not going to help with weight loss no matter how many calories or different foods you are consuming. Do not ruin your success by eating unhealthy foods that are not on the provided food guides. If you want to reward yourself for your weight loss, choose something that is not food related. Reward yourself with something that you enjoy doing or go on a shopping trip to buy something that you have really wanted.

Do I have to keep a food diary? 

While writing down everything you eat in a day might seem like too much work, it will help you with weight loss in the long run. By keeping track of your food, it will keep you aware of what you are eating. If you are suddenly not doing so well on losing weight, look back at the food diary and see if a food is interfering with weight loss. You can also refer to the food diary after you have finished the HCG diet that way you can continue eating similar foods that will help you keep your achieved weight. On the HCG 1234 manufacturer’s website, you can even download charts to help you with your weight loss goals.

What about gum and breath mints? 

Avoid gum and breath mints unless they are all natural flavor.

Do I have to eat at certain times of the day? 

Meals should be spread out throughout the day in order to avoid hunger later on. After all, food is only eaten in moderation and is often limited to two choices per food category a day. There should also be no eating after seven at night.

Phase two is where the real weight loss starts. People on the HCG diet can usually lose one pound a day. That is why this is the most important phase to understand. For best results onus lies on you using the best hcg diet brands available in the market. The diet must be followed for a minimum of three weeks and a maximum of six weeks. During this time period the body is burning the excessive fat storages and helping with appetite suppression. Keep a food diary and weigh yourself daily to see your success and work on fine tuning your results. Learn during this time period about food choices and habits so that this period will not be in vain and you will be able to keep the weight off in the future. If you follow the food guides provided with HCG Complex, HCG 1234, or HCG Triumph, weight loss will be happening quickly. Remember to only eat the recommended food and at any time, feel free to contact support through the manufacturer’s provided phone numbers and online support. The three mentioned products are the top rated HCG drops on the market by actual customers. If they can have success, so can you!

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