HCG Diet Phase 1 Guide on Loading Phase

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You have done the research and have selected your HCG drops. Now, it is time to begin the HCG diet and start losing the weight! It does not matter if you are using HCG Complex, HCG 1234, or HCG Triumph. Phase one is the same for all three products. All of the products focus on different week plans but it also does not matter if you are trying to do a three or six-week plan. Again, phase one is all the same for everyone. There are four phases to the diet but we are only go into detail about phase one.

Binge Eating 

The first two days of phase one involved binge eating on all of your favorite foods. That seems contradictory when most diets usually involve restricting calories and eating healthy foods. By binge eating though, the body is build up fat stores. By building up the fat stores, the brain is being signaled to release the hormones that are going to stimulate weight loss.

For the next two days, the goal is to eat high calorie food that is high in fat and carbs like fast food. For breakfast you can have bagels and for all meals you can have bread. This is the time to eat fried meats like bacon, hamburger and sausage. You can eat cheese, butter, and milk shakes. You can enjoy potatoes with gravy and potato chips. For desert you can even have ice cream and cheese cake. Finally, you can drink alcohol. There should be no skimping on calories during these two days.

During these two days, you will also take the HCG drops at the start of each day. Before and after taking the drops, it is important not to eat or drink for thirty minutes.


The HCG products will come with instructions on how to take the drops as well as details on the four phases of the diet. If the instructions are not followed, weight loss will not happen properly. It is normal to have questions despite the given instructions. Let’s go through some common questions and answers about phase one of the HCG diet.

1)Why should the first two days involve binge eating?

By binge eating the first two days of phase one, fat storage is building up which stimulates the brain. The brain will realize that it needs to start burning up the fat. This will cause the metabolism to work quickly and steadily and begin the weight loss. Even if you are not hungry, you should still be eating during these two days. It is important not to skimp on calories during this time.

2)What should be eaten during this binge period?

 The awesome thing about the binge period is that you can eat all of your favorite foods. That seems kind of funny when you are on a diet but like it was mentioned before, this is what stimulates the brain to start burning fat and speeds up the metabolism. So during this time you can have bagels for breakfast. You can eat fried meats like hamburgers and sausages. You can have mashed potatoes with gravy or butter. You can eat cheese and have dessert after meals. Alcohol can also be consumed during these two days.

3)When should the drops be started?

 The drops should be started the first day of the diet. If you forget to take the drops, it is important to start the diet over otherwise your weight loss results will be jeopardized. The directions on the HCG drops needs to be followed exactly otherwise you will not be able to maximize your weight loss. When taking the drops, wait thirty minutes after eating or drinking to take them and then do not eat or drink thirty minutes afterwards.

4)Will I gain weight during phase one?

Most likely you will gain weight during the first two days. You have to gain weight in order to lose weight. However, is some instances, people have lost weight the first two days. It is important not to skimp on calories during this time though.

5)What happens if you do not eat enough? 

If you do not eat enough, you will not be able to achieve maximum weight loss. Plus, you will probably feel sick or hungry later on during the diet. If you are unable to eat large meals, you can eat often throughout the day. Make sure that you eat plenty of high calorie food.

6)How long does it take to work? 

Weight loss can begin in two or three days of beginning the HCG diet. A pound can be expected to be lost nearly every day after that. Remember though that everyone is different and weight loss will vary for all users of HCG drops.

7)Is there anyone that cannot participate in this diet?

 Men and women can take part in the HCG diet. People with diabetes can benefit too but should definitely consult with a doctor before starting. That is the same if you are taking any medications and you are worried about inference from them. Even vegetarians can take the HCG drops to lose weight. However, the HCG diet is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding though as the ingredients in the drops will be passed on to the baby. Again, a doctor should be consulted in this situation.

To sum it up, phase one is all about consuming high calorie foods no matter what HCG drops you are using and whether you are planning on doing the diet in three or six weeks. The important thing is to follow the directions on the drops and to make sure to eat enough during the first few days of the HCG diet. By eating enough to build up fat reserves, the brain will be stimulated to start fighting the fat. The metabolism will also increase during this time. Remember, HCG Complex, HCG 1234, and HCG Triumph are the top rated HCG drops on the market. Weight loss will occur very soon!

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