HCG Ultra Clean Review

HCG Ultra Clean Review – Uses, Price, Advantages, Disadvantages And Ingredients

With every new entry of the HCG medicines the buyers are put into stress. This is due to the fact that the buyers need to research the various aspects of the new medicine for ascertaining the suitability of the medicine for their weight loss requirements. Also they need to know the instructions, precautions and safety measures which are to be undertaken while taking the medicine. These researches require time. But the people today are already hard pressed with the work load. This is particularly so due to the prevailing uncertain economic scenario. In order to help the buyers out of such predicaments this review article is written.


Like many other weight loss medicines HCG ULTRA CLEAN is also one medicine which is used along with dietary plans for shedding unnecessary weights. The medicine contains original HCG hormone. Here we must tell something about HCG hormone. HCG is the acronym of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a hormone which is found in the human body. So it is 100% natural. In the female body it helps in burning the fats while protecting the muscles. The nature has provided this hormone to the females and the hormone is secreted abundantly during the pregnancy. This hormone helps in maintaining the pregnancy even if the mother is not sufficiently nourished. This unique phenomenon was observed by Dr. Simeons. He utilized this property of the hormone for reducing extra fats from the obese and overweight people. He designed strict dietary regime for shedding weight fast. His diet plan is known as extreme dietary regime. He named the diet plan as HCG Very Low Calorie Diet or HCG VLCD.

In addition to the wonder hormone the medicine also contains many other active ingredients for weight loss as well as for general well being. It is not a homeopathic formulation.

The medicine is owned as well as marketed by Daily Nutrition which is based in USA. The other products dealt by the company are all fruit extracts and herbal extracts. This is the solitary HCG product marketed by the company.


The diet drop is used for shedding extra weight, suppressing excessive cravings for food, boosting metabolism as well as improving immunity.

People also use the medicine for correcting the life style. By resorting to the diet plan along with the medicine you can change your way of living as well as way you eat. The resultant effect would lead you to a healthy living style.

Disadvantages of HCG ULTRA CLEAN

The viewers must be eager to know all the misgivings of the medicine as while selecting any item the anxiety lies in knowing the negatives first. The fortunate point of the drug is that there are not many negative points with the medicine.

The disadvantages are:

  • The medicine is not approved by FDA, but it is true for all HCG weight loss products.
  • The critics doubt about its efficacies in reducing weight in absence of any scientific proof.
  • There are medicines with the same brand name causing confusions among the buyers. But this true for many other brands also. The buyers must take care to see whether the product is supplied by Daily Nutrition or not. Daily Nutrition market only one HCG product which is the original one.

Composition and active ingredients of HCG ULTRA CLEAN

Active ingredients:

  • Pure compound made from original HCG hormone
  • amino acid L-Arginine
  • amino acid L-Carnitine
  • amino acid
  • amino acid L-Ornithine
  • amino acid L-Lysine
  • Vitamin B12.

Inactive ingredients:

  • Purified water
  • 20% ethyl alcohol
  • Nat-phosphate-cell salts.


  1. This medicine also follows the traditional HCG VLCD route. Since it contains original HCG hormone this medicine will work by remedying the ailing hypothalamus. The viewer may ask how it is possible to diagnose ailing hypothalamus. In fact the very symptom of overweight points towards non-performing hypothalamus. This is the very important gland positioned deep inside the brain which regulates the secretion of vital glands such as thyroid, pituitary etc. As we know by now that thyroid plays important role in weight regulation. In this way hypothalamus is the main culprit for disturbing the balance in weight. By rectifying the hypothalamus it brings back healthy weight and assists the body in maintaining the weight for the coming days also.
  2. For fast weight loss the medicine is supplemented with very low calorie diet. By restricting the calorie intake we force the metabolism to burn the deposited fats. The HCG hormone takes care to see that the muscles are not burnt due to highly restricted calorie intake. The muscles are also important for burning the fats. So we can never afford to lose muscles.
  3. The most stubborn fats are the fats accumulated around the thighs, hips, buttocks, upper arms etc. If we simply follow low calorie diet we will never be able to reduce fats from these areas. This is due to the fact that when we starve, our body sensing the emergency starts releasing fats utilizing the nutrients from the blood stream. In this way the body’s extreme safety system gets initiated thereby protecting the fats from the stubborn areas. When we use the medicine the body is made even to burn fats from these areas.

How safe is HCG ULTRA CLEAN?

The medicine does not have any safety related issues. However for some conditions there can be prohibitions. It is better to consult your physician before starting the medicine. Also we do not find any complain from the users in the official web site of the company.

Precautions and how to use the medicine:

The medicine should not be taken if you happen to be a pregnant woman or lactating mother or suffering from some chronic ailments and under some medication. In such cases take proper guidance from the medical practitioner.

The standard dozes are 10 to 20 drops of the medicine to be taken thrice in a day. You have to put the drops under your tongue and hold on for two to three minutes before swallowing. Take care not to eat or drink anything 15 minutes before and after the intake of the medicine.

Where to buy HCG ULTRA CLEAN

The medicine can be bought at the official web site or at the web site of Daily Nutrition.


After researching the ingredients, expert reviews and customer reactions we are of the opinion that the medicine is fruitful for the weight loss requirements of the patients. It has original HCG hormone. So all the benefits, as envisaged by Dr. Simeons, can be achieved. The other active ingredients are also very good.

We also recommend another superior quality HCG medicine in the brand name of HCG Complex. The medicine contains 18 useful ingredients along with pure original HCG hormone. You can also avail buying-incentives provided by the company such as one free bottle for every buy etc. The cost is also reasonable.


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