HCG Triumph Review


The battle against excess weight can be a hard one, that’s for sure. Diets that don’t work, exercise regimes that leave you exhausted but offer no visible effect, fraudulent dietary supplements… The problems are countless. And the more you try, the more frustrating a defeat feels.

But with hCG Triumph, the time for your triumph has come at last. This fabulous product was designed with your victory in mind, allowing you to get rid of your extra weight investing affordable efforts and money in the matter. In this detailed insight, you’ll find all the information available on the hCG Triumph oral drops – everything you need in order to be sure that they will work for you, as they have already worked for hundreds of happy customers. Let’s start!

What are the hCG Triumph oral drops?

hcgtriumphnewdesign1The hCG Triumph drops are a powerful dietary supplement created by Triu Naturals. This product is made of multiple bioactive components that work together in order to give your metabolism an extra boost so it can burn body fat more effectively. The hCG Triumph oral drops have real hCG in them, contrary to homeopathic hCG drops that may not have this hormone at all. Many people out there believe that regular hCG drops (with the real hormone) work better, faster and with a greater result in the end.

Perhaps, this is explained by the fact that the hCG diet was designed for the usage of the hCG hormone from the very beginning. Multiple attempts to adapt this diet for homeopathic hCG drops proved to be effective, but there’s nothing like the original approach. And hCG Triumph sticks closely to it.

While some may be hesitant to intake hormones, this fear is not justified. The hCG is present in the hCG Triumph oral drops in amounts that won’t “break” anything in your organism. You won’t get any harmful side effects or fearsome diseases. In fact, the amount of hCG in these drops is just enough to help you burn body fat, boost metabolism and support your immune system.

How do the hCG Triumph drops work? 

The main working component of the hCG Triumph drops is hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin. hCG is a hormone that plays a great role during pregnancy, because one of its main functions is to ensure that the developing fetus receives enough nourishment even when the pregnant woman does not. How is it done? By making your body burn previously stored body fat when the calorie and fat intake lowers significantly. When sitting on the VLCD (very low calorie diet), you’re creating this very conditions and making the hCG present in your oral drops impose the abovementioned effect.

Besides that, hCG Triumph contains several other components (which we will describe in details a bit further) that give your metabolism an extra boost, lessen your appetite and even help you to build muscle mass to replace that fatty bulks!

In fact, even if you’re not planning to lose a significant amount of weight, you can take the hCG drops solely for their dietary benefits. The ingredients are safe and useful even if you’re not sitting on a diet.

What are the ingredients of the hCG Triumph oral drops? 

  • hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) – the main component of the hCG Triumph formula. Helps you to effectively burn body fat during the VLCD diet.
  • L-Arginine. An amino acid that works mostly with your muscles, giving them extra nutrition and blood supply, thus making them stronger and more durable. Arginine also enhances post-workout recovery, lessens fatigue and stimulates healing processes in your body – including healing of wounds.
  • A building block for the proteins that are being synthesized in your body, aiding you in matters of muscle recovery and building. Also, this component helps you to sleep better and increases your mental capacity.
  • L-Carnitine – a favorite among bodybuilders. Its magic function is to stuff the fatty acids in your body straight into your mitochondria (the “power plant” in your cells), transforming them into pure energy. That means you won’t be just burning your fat – but giving yourself the fuel necessary to carry on with your workouts in a great mood! Besides that, carnitine also lowers your cholesterol levels, protecting your heart and vessels.
  • Lysine is used in your body to create a great variety of proteins, including enzymes – special bioactive substances that take part in thousands of reactions in your body. An essential component for a good health.
  • Phenylalanine is a precursor for several hormones in your body. It also lowers post-exercise pain and fatigue, helping you to stay on track.
  • L-Ornithine is an essential component in matters of bodily waste excretion. Besides that, ornithine improves your immune system, serves as a great source of energy and improves quality of sleep, thus helping you to get a good rest after your physical efforts in fighting excess weight!
  • Tyrosine works as another building block for all those protein-building processes that take part in your body. It has great anabolic properties that stimulate your body into forming useful muscle mass instead of fat.
  • A mineral that is essential to strengthen up the structure of your teeth, bones and nails, lowering risk of fractures and enhancing durability.
  • Calcarea carbonica is, in fact, seashell extract. A homeopathic ingredient known for its ability to boost metabolism, help you to adapt to harsh circumstances and enhance your immune system. One great component that makes you stronger against infections of any kind.
  • Ammonium carbonicum. Its effects are similar to those of the previous component. Ammonium carbonicum supports your immune system and provides extra energy, helping you to deal effectively with nuisances of everyday life. By keeping your mood up and your inner resources always replenished, you’ll be more likely to carry on with your diet to the full extent – achieving fabulous results in the end.
  • USP Purified Water, USP Kosher Grain Alcohol – these are inactive components that do not have an effect on your body, but serve as a base that binds together all of the previous ingredients of the formula. 

This potent formula ensures that not only hCG will help you to burn excess fat – but also a great number of other active natural components. Supporting your journey from different angles and all possible sides, hCG Triumph provides you with the necessary means to achieve success in your battle against the fatty masses.

Are the hCG Triumph oral drops safe to use? Aren’t hormones harmful? 

hcg triumph

Yes, the drops are safe. No, hormones aren’t harmful if used properly. hCG Triumph was tested multiple times in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of every single component present. Following the original hCG protocol designed by Dr. Simeons and giving its customers an extra support with the other natural components, the hCG Triumph drops are one of the best options in the modern hCG market.

Just be sure to strictly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer (Triu Naturals) and listen closely to your body. Besides that, check on the insightful articles we’ve prepared for you in order to clear up any possible questions regarding hCG and the very low calorie diet. If still in doubt, never hesitate to consult a professional healthcare practitioner.

What is the proper way to take the hCG Triumph oral drops? 

In general, all you need to do is to put the drops under your tongue and keep them there for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Be sure not to drink or eat anything for 30 minutes before and another 30 minutes after you take your drops. But keep in mind that every phase of the hCG diet has peculiarities you should follow strictly – especially dosage. Be sure to check on the instructions provided by your manufacturer, as well as read through the related articles we’ve written just for you!

Update: HCG Triumph is no more recommended product. 

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