HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories Review

HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories Review – Uses, Price, Advantages, Disadvantages And Ingredients

In the world of weight loss medicine HCG is the most sought after name. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a wonder hormone, the efficacy of which in burning fats was first noticed by Dr, Simeons. As obesity and overweight were major issues facing the world population, Dr. Simeons ventured to design an extreme dietary regime employing HCG Drops made from the hormone which is found in abundance in the urine of the pregnant women. His diet plan known as HCG Very Low Calorie Diet became hot cake and accepted by a large population of affected people of the world. That was way back in 1954. After this successful campaign many manufacturers have plunged into the market for claiming their shares of the profit. Among these new entrants some are really improved version employing many other ingredients while some are not up to the mark. This fact has necessitated the present review series. The medicine which we will analyze here is HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories.

What is HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories?

The medicine is made by the famous by Schwartz Laboratories. In addition to original HCG hormone it also contains many other important ingredients which contribute to the weight loss as well as nutrition, well being and energy. This medicine is claimed to shed extra weight by burning unnecessary fats, improving metabolism and providing many other benefits to the general health of the users. The other benefits include hunger suppression; provide minerals and vitamins, controls diabetes, controls blood pressure, helps in relieving rheumatism and arthritis.

Uses of HCG+ By Schwartz Laboratories

HCG + is regarded as a combination medicine employing both natural as well as original human hormone to get the maximum benefits. This HCG hormone works by remedying the hypothalamus which is the most vital gland of the humans located in the brain. Obesity and overweight syndromes are diagnosed as a consequence of faulty functioning of hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus regulates such important glands such as thyroid glands which have direct bearing on the weight regulation. In this way by correcting the hypothalamus and improving the metabolism the medicine helps in shedding weight. It also protects the muscles rather further toning the muscles.

This is the unique medicine which provides vital vitamins and minerals along with HCG. This helps in improving the general well being and energy level even when the patient is on very low calorie diet. The medicine also controls other important parameters of the body such as blood sugar level, blood pressure and immunity.

Disadvantages of HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories

The medicine is not supported by information which is vital for the users. We have not come across with any data regarding its dietary plans etc. The official web site of the medicine does not have any expert review or feedback from the users.

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Composition and active ingredients of HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories

Active ingredients:

  • Original HCG hormone
  • Calcarea Carbonica
  • Fucus Ves
  • Spongia Tosta
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Ornithine
  • vitamin B6
  • B12
  • glandular mix (pituitary, hypothalmus, and thyroid)
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Vitamin B 6

Inactive ingredients:

  • 20% alcohol
  • purified water

How HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories works

  1. The medicine mainly works by utilizing the wonder hormone HCG. The hormone works directly on fat tissues called adipose tissues burning them and helping to shed weight. At the same time it takes care to preserve the lean muscles. The muscles are effective for burning calories. In this way the medicine acts in duality over the body metabolism and accelerates weight reduction.
  2. The HCG hormone also suppresses your cravings for food thereby restricting calorie intake. HCG hormone is meant for burning body fat of pregnant women and using the energy so obtained for nourishing the fetus with the sacred purpose of the nature to facilitate propagation. So HCG enables shedding extra weight while preserving vitamins, minerals and muscles.
  3. It works equally well on both men and the women.
  4. The natural compounds such as L-Carnitineand calcaria carbonica increase metabolism. Calcaria Carbonica is a homeopathic preparation and is used for chronic ailments such as arthritis, eye inflammation, back ache, indigestion, sore throat, headaches, insomnia, muscle cramps and tooth ache.
  5. L-Arginine of the medicine provides energy to the body by acting on the glycogen and converting it even if you are on strict dietary regime. It also aids in rectifying erectile disability as well as blood pressure issues.
  6. L-Ornithine enhances your metabolism by producing growth hormone. The improved metabolism in turn helps in shedding excess weight.
  7. The other active ingredients as mentioned above are also beneficial for the wellness of the body.

Safety aspects of HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories

In the official web site of the medicine no detailed information about the safety of the medicine is provided neither we have the opportunity of knowing from the users comments as none such material is available in the web site. However we presume some side effects related to the use of HCG hormone. Also the very low calorie diet plan will have its own side effects. It is good to consult your doctor before starting the medicine along with the ingredients list.

How to use the medicine

You have to place the drops on the underside of the tongue preferably using a pipette. After taking the drop hold it for a minute for better assimilation. It is prohibited to drink or eat anything 20 minutes before as well as after taking the medicine.

Where to buy HCG + By Schwartz Laboratories

The medicine can be brought online at the official web site of the medicine.

Our Comments

Looking at the reputation of the company and in view of the above discussion we think that medicine will be suitable for the persons seeking safe and effective weight loss.

However we also recommend HCG Complex which is a far more superior HCG medicine.


Though the medicine is quite satisfactory as regards to the effectiveness of its constituents towards weight loss, the lack of information of the medicine in its official web site and absence of any review by experts are the points of concern for us.

We, however strongly recommend another far superior medicine called HCG Complex having original HCG hormone and 18 powerful ingredients. It is also cost effective when considering the free options for every buy.


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