HCG Omni Drops Review

Omni drops may not be as popular as some other hCG products on the modern market, but they still managed to gather a great bunch of happy customers. While some people are driven away by the seeming lack of information on the official website, others understand that this is explained solely by the purpose of keeping private a formula of fabulous effect. In this insight, we’ll share all the information needed for you to choose if the Omni Drops are a good shot for you! 


What are Omni Drops? 

Omni Drops is a natural dietary supplement product created by Omnitrition Inc. The company strives to keep secret the formula of the Omni Drops due to their high level of effectiveness: detailed information can be found only in the instructions that come with the drops or first-hand from a licensed seller. Nevertheless, we’ve spent much time digging into the matter and gathered all the details you need in order to see for yourself if Omni Drops are a good choice for you!

How do Omni Drops work?

The main working component of the Omni Drops is hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin. For more than half a century, this powerful hormone had been used in the hCG VLCD (very low calorie diet) in order to effectively lose weight.

This is achieved thanks to the ability of hCG to mobilize your body into burning stored fat. Originally being an essential hormone during pregnancy, one of the main goals of hCG is to ensure that the developing fetus receives enough nourishment even when the woman does not. This is done by breaking up fatty tissue in the body under circumstances that calorie and fat intake drops significantly.

Basically, you’re fooling your organism. By taking hCG, you make your body feel “pregnant”. If, at the same time, your calorie and fat intake drops, your organism will start actively burning fat in order to nourish its “baby”. Other components of the Omni Drops give an extra boost to your metabolism in order to make the process faster and achieve greater results in the long run. 

Do I need to sit on a special diet for the Omni Drops to work? 

Yes. The Omni Drops, as any other hCG product, were designed to follow the hCG weight loss protocol created by Dr. Albert Simeons in 1954. This diet is also known as VLCD (very low calorie diet), because your regime will consist of roughly 500 calories per day, while a daily minimum is generally believed to be 2000 calories. This may sound hard and dangerous, but it isn’t. The hCG diet was designed and perfected by healthcare professionals and tested thousands of times by customers from all over the world. The trick here is that the components present in modern hCG oral drops not only help you to burn excess fat, but also support your body during this calorie-deficit period. You will receive all necessary support in terms of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients from your oral drops and your specially designed diet.

To learn more about the eating regime you should follow, carefully read through the instructions provided by the manufacturer and be sure to check our detailed insight on the peculiarities of the hCG diet. We’ve written an in-depth guide about every phase of the hCG protocol, so stay informed!


What are the ingredients of Omni Drops? 

As we said, this information is highly confidential. But after browsing multiple reviews from verified customers and checking on insights from professionals in the field of healthcare and nutrition, we’ve found them out. Below you can find the full list of the Omni Drop ingredients as well as the effect that they have on your body.

  • hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) – the main working component of the solution. A hormone that activates fat-burning processes in calorie-deficit conditions.
  • Vitamin PP (niacin) – enhances muscle nutrition and athletic perfomance.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin) – takes part in muscle-building processes and the synthesis of haemoglobin, thus enhancing supply of oxygen to all of the tissues in your body.
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) plays a great role in muscle regeneration processes and diminishes post-workout fatigue.
  • Vitamin B5 (panthotenic acid) is one of the most powerful anabolics throughout vitamins. An essential in protein-building processes that helps you to generate useful body mass (muscle).
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) regulates the synthesis of neurotransmitters necessary for the proper functioning of the brain. Also lowers cholesterol levels and takes part in protein building.
  • Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) is needed for correct synthesis of myelin – a special substance that covers most of your nerves. This vitamin enhances muscular strength and stamina by strengthening up the nerves that command them.
  • Vitamin A (retinol) is a must for a good vision. It also regulates the work of your immune system.
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight aging and lowers muscle damage during workout, diminishing pain and enhancing recovery.
  • Vitamin D – one of the most important vitamins concerning bone and skin health.
  • Vitamin E works as an antioxidant. It also boosts your immune system, making it stronger against bacterial and viral infections.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a great source of energy and a potent antihypoxant – a substance that lowers the damage done by lack of oxygen. That’s particularly important for your muscles during workouts, because they use massive amounts of oxygen when performing physical work.
  • Biotin regulates protein and fat metabolism, improves quality of the skin and its derrivates (nails, hair).
  • Aloe Vera Extract improves weight loss and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Guarana Seed Extract – a great source of energy that improves athletic performance, acts as a stimulant of nearly all processes in the body and lessens fatigue.
  • Cola Nut Extract improves mood, enhances quality of sleep and serves as a source of extra energy.
  • Gotu Kola Extract improves memory, mood and intelligence, boosts up immunity and regenerative processes in your body.
  • Green Tea Extract is a powerful antioxidant loved for centuries in Eastern cultures. Slows down aging processes, calms inflammations and speeds up recovery processes.
  • Grape Seed Extract lowers cholesterol levels, protecting your vessels and heart. It also helps in regulating blood glucose levels and stabilizing diabetes.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus Extract is a well-known adaptogen that helps you to… Well, adapt, as the name implies. With this component, you’ll deal with stress better and with less effort.
  • Licorice supports your digestive system, speeds up recovery processes in it, as well as lessens appetite.
  • Salts and minerals (including magnesium, copper, etc.) – take part in regulation processes and a great variety of chemical reactions in your body.

As you see from this list, the Omni Drops have an approach that’s significantly different from other hCG oral drops. While most of the products out there are made of mostly amino acids (that serve as building blocks for your cells, speaking simple), Omni Drops focus on vitamin support. It’s impossible to say which of these points of view is better in terms of weight loss, but one thing is for sure: when sitting on the hCG VLCD protocol, with Omni Drops you’ll be absolutely provided with all vitamins necessary to feel good. Besides that, it’s well known that vitamin B12 does a great work in lowering appetite, calming down your craves during the diet. 

Are the Omni Drops safe? 

Absolutely. As you see, the components are all natural and combined with their effects in mind. Moreover, even if you don’t follow your diet strictly, these drops will be beneficial to your health due to the high level of multiple vitamins in them. That means you may consider taking them as a dietary supplement even if you’re not planning to lose weight at all.

The only possible side effects of the Omni Drops are allergic reactions. Carefully read throw the list of ingredients we’ve written above and double-check that you’re good with them before buying the product. If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, we recommend choosing another hCG product from the ones that we’ve gathered for you. For instance, be sure to check on hCG Complex, hCG 1234 and hCG Triumph.