HCG Fusion 43 Drops Review

HCG Fusion 43 Drops Review – Uses, Price, Advantages, Disadvantages And Ingredients

The internet is flooded with weight loss medicineS with HCG. The tremendous success of Dr. Simeons’ designed dietary plan involving the wonder naturally occurring human hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has set in motion the energy of many entrepreneurs all over the world. This has resulted in newer and newer forms of medicines as well as supplements with the name HCG tied to the medicines. The viewers are however in the receiving end finding it more and more difficult to segregate the best medicine out of the lot. In order to assist in their search this review article series has been written. In this review we talk about HCG Fusion 43.

What is HCG Fusion 43?

The manufacturer of the medicine is Nutri Fusion System, LLC. Nutri Fusion System is basically a company manufacturing pharmaceutical products. It also produces various slimming supplements based on herbs including HCG medicines.

This medicine is a homeopathic formulation. It means that the HCG medicine has been prepared in the principles of homeopathy which was invented by Dr. Heinemann, the great German doctor. As per the principles of homeopathy the power of a medicine increases in geometric proportion by diluting it. So this medicine must also have been diluted for enhancing its potency. The allopathic doctors however disown such logic and consider it to work as per the theory of placebo effect or remedy due to simple faith. The company is based in USA.

Uses of HCG Fusion 43

The use of the medicine can be in shedding weight, suppressing appetite, detoxification of the body and as a support medicine for very low calorie diet. The medicine has been made as per USP gradation process. USP grade signifies that the manufacturer has adopted highest form of quality assurances plans while manufacturing the product.

The shortcomings of HCG Fusion 43

  • This is a homeopathic formulation. Though the homeopathic medicines are quite popular especially in third world countries of the world, the philosophy is not yet proved scientifically. But people are benefitting from the medicines and the medicines have no side effects. Many scientists doubt that there is no medicine at all in the homeopathic medicine due to its extreme dilution. But in one point of time atoms were considered as the ultimate which was proved wrong after its further division into electron, proton and neutron.
  • It needs very low calorie diet plan for successful weight loss. The diet plan put forward by the company however faces censure by FDA. FDA had written a letter nullifying the company’s tall claims regarding weight loss. The matter pertained to two brands on the medicine namely HCG Fusion 43 and HCG Fusion 30. FDA rebuked the company for claiming something which is not based on scientific evidences. But the product has not been removed from the market by FDA.
  • When we searched Amazon we found that lots of people are reacting to this brand of medicine. But the reactions have come out to be of mixed nature. Some say the medicine is effective while the other group felt it was not at all useful. We conclude that the efficacy of HCG Fusion 43 would depend on your dietary plan and it may or may not work for you.

The composition and the active ingredients of HCG Fusion 43

Active ingredients:

  • human chorionic gonadotropin
  • adrenal
  • vitamin B12
  • mag phos cell salts
  • nat phos cell salts
  • liver
  • thyroid
  • fat metabolizer
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Ornathine
  • L-Arginine
  • acetyl L-Carnitine

Inactive ingredients:

  • 90% colloidal mineral water
  • 10% citric acid.

How does HCG Fusion 43 works?

The medicine works mainly by utilizing its star player HCG hormone. The weight loss is achieved by remedying the hypothalamus gland as well as burning the excess fats of the body. The other ingredients like vitamin B12 etc also assist in the weight loss.

The Nat-Phos salt is a biochemic preparation which will remove constipation which may set in due to fewer intakes of food items. This salt also prevents fat accumulation and cramping of muscles.

There are numbers of amino acids in the medicine which improve muscle toning, blood flow, immune system and healthy skins. Vitamin B12 is another useful element which maintains balance of the body and helps the body to take up the shock due to low calorie intake.

How safe is HCG Fusion 43?

Leaving aside the letter of warning from the FDA we find no adverse remarks from the customers. So it can be safely said that the medicine does not have any side effects.

The highly restrictive low calorie diet is a cause of concern. Many may not endure such extreme dietary plan.

Where to buy HCG Fusion 43?

The medicine can be bought at this web site.


From the above discussions we find that the medicine is quite impressive considering its useful ingredients and the presence of original HCG hormone. The customers’ reaction column does not indicate any side effects. However the warning letter from the FDA gives a negative reputation to the medicine. Also the feedbacks from the users give mixed reaction spelling doubts about its efficacy. The buyers may have doubts whether the medicine will work or not for him. The strict diet is also another hindrance in the success of the medicine. Many may fail to maintain such extreme diet plan.The medicine is supplied with instructions and diet plan. This is good. Hence we recommend using this medicine for weight loss purpose.

We would also like to recommend the other very high quality product available in the market. The brand is names as HCG Complex. This medicine contains 18 very essential ingredients which contribute significantly to the weight loss program. Accompanied with low calorie diet it is able to bring weight loss fast. The expert reviews and customer feedbacks are quite impressive.

The marketing strategies adopted by the company are attractive. It gives you free as much bottles as you buy. Considering all these HCG Complex is quite cost effective choice.


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