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We’re happy to present you the ultimate source of information concerning everything related to hCG drops, starting from the very basics, going on to general tendencies of the market and ending up with insightful details on the classic hCG diet. Whether you’re planning to try out the product for yourself or just researching the web for informational purposes, don’t worry – you’ll find everything you need right here. And yes, It is 100% safe to use HCG Drops for your weight loss campaign. hCG weight loss products are the most selling in Amazon, Ebay and Walmart stores. We have collected more than 1000+ reviews from the above mentioned stores to calculate percentage of positive ratings on each brand. Finally we came up with 3 Best HCG drops on the market.

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Where to Buy HCG Drops

In fact, only 4 specific hCG oral drops are recommended to use.

Yes, we know that the market has dozens of different hCG oral drops you could try out and hope for a good effect, but, alas, the majority of them are fakes. The internet was always full of shady scammers ready to ride the wave of somebody else’s success and take advantage of it by means of lies and mimicry. But, as you know, the truth is always out there – and it can be found through meticulous research. Always.

And we’ve done it. We’ve checked hundreds of reviews coming from real customers from all around the world, verified the Google Trends tendencies, and analyzed the reorder and customer satisfaction rates. After all of these, we’re ready to present you the four hCG oral drops that really work for most of the customers. The hCG drops that really drop your weight are: hCG Complex, Omni Drops, hCG 1234 and hCG Triumph.

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We’ve written a detailed insight on each of these products, so be sure to check them out before making your choice. Also, don’t forget to visit the official store (every product has one) and receive all the information wanted firsthand from the manufacturer.

Using the three steps described below, we’ve finally determined the best hCG drops on the modern market. Are you ready to discover the truth?

The absolute leader is hCG Complex. It has the highest overall rating, best reviews from verified customers and a constantly increasing popularity checked on Google Trends. hCG Complex is closely followed by Omni Drops, another great product handpicked by our team according to the abovementioned methods. hCG 1234 and hCG Triumph finish the list with a slightly lower rating, but still remaining a fabulous option to stick to. So, if you’re planning to buy one of these products – congratulations, you’ve made a great choice! We’ve also gathered detailed information on what you should expect from an hCG diet course, as well as the websites we recommend to chose in order to buy the best hCG oral drops.

List of best HCG drops of 2018 are:

  • hCG Complex #1 : HCG Complex is one of the most sold weight loss product since 2013. Rate of reorder rate is greater than 88%. From this value we can understand how popular it is.
  • HCG 1234 : HCG 1234 designed and manufactured by Creative Bioscience. Customer feedback of this product is not as good as HCG complex. And reorder rate is less than 47%.
  • HCG Triumph : HCG Triumph is also a good weight loss product which is available in market. Reorder rate is just 49% and out of every 5 customers only 2 satisfied with the product.
Tabular Comparison Between Top 3 HCG Brands

Here is our scientific method in finding best hCG drops:

There are a couple of methods you can use in order to protect yourself from fraudulent offers in the internet. After all, nobody wants that feeling of frustration that comes right after the wrong choice of product, especially when it’s related to your health or general well-being. In other words, before choosing the right hCG drops option, just make sure to follow these simple steps.

Method #1:

To find the best hCG drops: Check the testimonials on

( HCG Complex reviews Amazon reviews) Image copyrights : Besthcgdropswebsite

Being one of the largest retailers operating in the Internet, Amazon offers its customers a great way to check on the quality of the products available. In order to do so, just search for the hCG product you’re interested in (e.g. hCG Complex, Omni Drops, hCG 1234 or hCG Triumph), look at its overall rating and carefully read through the customer’s testimonials. Are there enough positive reviews that prove this particular product to be effective? Are the present testimonials credible or do they sound like they were written by the same person all over again? Are there negative reviews as well? Remember that a great product, no matter how good it actually is, will always have some customers that didn’t notice a significant effect and were left unsatisfied. That’s explained by the simple fact that there’s no such thing as a perfect or “magical” product. Each human being is individual and unique; therefore products that work for ones won’t work for other certain people, in some of the cases. You’re not looking for an absolute option with 100% positive reviews – usually, such products are fakes. Just be sure to check for a nice positive to negative review ratio.

Method #2:

To find the best hCG drops: Check the reviews on

This is also one of the greatest marketplaces in the Internet. Being “auction based” to a great extent (that means people can bid for the products, thus often buying them for a price lower than the one presented in the general market), it presents you a community of people that carefully choose the stuff they buy. Similarly to how you’ve done on Amazon, just search on Ebay for the product you’re interested in, check its overall rating and read carefully through the testimonials presented. Once more, remember that real products will always have some bad reviews present, but with an overall great positive to negative review ratio.

Method #3:

To find the best hCG drops: Check the tendency on Google Trends


(HCG Complex Google trends) Image copyrights : Besthcgdropswebsite

Google Trends is a great service that helps you to determine if something is gaining popularity on the internet. Basically, it’s a graphic that shows you the amount of search queries processed by Google that contained a certain word (it may be a product, person, character or event). Let’s take products for an example. The logic here is very simple: if a certain product is good, people will search the web for it more frequently than they search for bad stuff – and this includes reorder rates. Generally, if you see that the Google Trends graphic is rising for a certain product, you can be sure that this product is of quality enough to make people from all around the globe search the web for it again and again.

Google Trends Comparison Between Top 3 HCG Drops

Okay, so where can you safely purchase hCG oral drops and effectively avoid scammers?

Just to be straight from the very beginning: avoid buying hCG oral drops on websites like Amazon and Ebay. These portals are great to check the ratings of the products you’re planning to buy and read reviews from people that already tried them out, but still – DON’T purchase the stuff right away.

The main problem with websites like Amazon and Ebay is that they’re opened to the general public – anyone can sign up and become a seller at these marketplaces. And that inevitably means that a part of the sellers is there to throw you products that won’t work, just to grab your money and vanish without a sign.

Also, do not buy hCG products offline in your local pharmacy. As a rule, the best hCG manufacturers keep their franchise for themselves because they’ll receive a bigger profit in the end with such an approach.

As you can see, there’s only one way to buy hCG drops and be 100% sure you’re purchasing the real deal: visit the manufacturer’s official website and buy the product directly from them. We’ve prepared a convenient shortcut for every product in case you’ve already made up your mind:

Now that you’re informed on the subject, get ready for some bullet points!

21 Reasons why you should use hCG oral drops for weight loss:
  1. hCG oral drops are natural. When using hCG drops, you know that you’re not intoxicating yourself with some strange chemicals born from the modern industrial era. Whether you choose regular hCG drops or homeopathic hCG drops – in any case, they’re made up entirely from natural products.
  2. hCG oral drops are safe to use. The levels of hCG present in the oral drops are just enough to help you burn body fat and boost up your immune system, but that’s actually all they do. You won’t get any unexpected effects that may be harmful to your body – just be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  3. Oral drops are fairly easy and convenient. If you ever had the need to regularly take some pills or tablets, you know that it’s not always easy. For example, sometimes you just don’t have at hand that glass of water needed to swallow up your prescriptions. With oral drops, that’s never a problem. Just put the necessary amount of drops under your tongue using the convenient bottle provided. By the way, did you know that sublingual administration of drugs roughly equals intravenous administration in matters of onset of action and duration of effect?
  4. The hCG diet has a history of more than half a century. Originally proposed roughly 60 years ago, the hCG diet lived throughout the years and is still effective for many people from all around the world. This is confirmed by the Google Trends graph.
  5. The hCG diet is highly effective. And that’s not just hollow words, but results confirmed by hundreds of real customers. Of course, there’re always that folks that cry their lungs out loud affirming that hCG does not work for them, but after all – every human being is a unique individual, so even the greatest of products will be ineffective for some people out there. Nevertheless, the majority of customers are happy – and that’s something to take into account!
  6. The hCG diet ensures long-term results. The consecutive phases of the hCG diet aim to ensure that the results you achieve will last for a long time, and won’t be just a fleeting experience with no real value. Every phase has a peculiar goal based on fundamental processes taking place in your body.
  7. No operation needed! And that’s great, because many people out there eventually go under the surgeon’s knife after multiple (and unsuccessful) attempts to lose excess weight or effectively fight obesity. Bariatric gastrectomy, intragastric balloons, gastric sleeve surgery… All of these methods may be effective, but are they actually worth it? When there’s even the slightest chance to avoid surgery, it’s always worth the effort. And hCG drops are an effective option to try out.
  8. hCG drops provide not only weight loss, they also boost your immune system, improve quality of sleep, lessen the impact of stress on your organism and decrease post-workout fatigue. That’s because hCG drops are made of not only hCG, but useful and effective amino acids and herbal extracts that work together from different angles to provide you with a great result.
  9. hCG oral drops are affordable. Yes, they cost a certain amount of money (and are always more expensive than some strange Chinese dietary supplements that barely work, of course). But that’s worth the effect and it’s usually an amount that anyone can invest in their health.
  10. hCG drops do not have contraindications. That means you can use them in any state, at any age, with any possible other health-related issues. The only thing that could stop you from taking hCG drops are allergic reactions towards any of the ingredients present, but that’s borderline impossible. Why? Because almost all of the components of the best hCG drops in the modern market are naturally present in your body, one way or another, while all the rest are contained in the product in homeopathic doses – microscopic ones, that is. But if you want to be 100% you won’t get any allergic reaction, be sure to check the ingredients list. If you find something suspicious, just choose another hCG product from the list we’ve prepared for you – they all work fairly well, no need to worry.
  11. The hCG diet does not work immediately. And if you think that’s not great, think twice: every sudden change in your body is a stress to deal with. The best effects are always achieved gradually, and the hCG diet is one of such things. You’ll have your time to adapt and get used to your new weight. The hCG diet is overall gentle to your organism, ensured by the 4 consecutive stages that softly direct your body into a new state of well-being.
  12. You can stop at any moment. hCG is not a deal with the devil: if you feel like jumping off the diet, you can do that at any given moment. This won’t have any crucial effect on your health. Some diets have issues on this matter, but that’s not the case with hCG.
  13. You don’t have to take hCG for the rest of your life. Unlike some other products out there, hCG does not demand you to buy and take it for years to come. Some people achieve great and solid results after one single go of the hCG diet and live on without having to take it anymore. Others need a couple of consecutive rounds to drop a significant amount of excess weight. But no one actually needs to drink it for the rest of their lives. If needed, they can just jump on the diet again, but that’s never mandatory – you’re always the one to make the decision.
  14. The results are quick. You won’t need to wait for years to see that weight counter show you the numbers you’ve always dreamed of. The first results will be right there during the very first week!
  15. The hCG diet has a huge and vibrant community of real customers. Throughout the years, this diet managed to gather lots of different people that can tell you the story of their success, share some valuable tips on how to go through the diet painlessly and provide the motivation needed at the right moment.
  16. The dietary restrictions are temporary. Remember that awful diets that demanded you to give up pastries or candies for good? Well, the hCG diet is not one of those. After you finish the first 3 phases of the classic hCG diet, you can eat anything you want – even the stuff that was forbidden during the first stages.
  17. The hCG changes not only your weight – it changes your mind. By that we mean that hCG resets your body preferences and tunes it to be friendlier towards a much more healthy living. And this is another great way to ensure that the results achieved are long-term. It’s not the weight that matters, ultimately, but your attitude in general.
  18. There are multiple options of hCG you can use – every single one with a great effect. Diversity is always good for you, and hCG products are not an exception. There isn’t a monopoly in this niche of the market, so you can choose the product that works best for you. Every one of the 4 products recommended for purchase has its own peculiarities, but they all work greatly no matter which one you actually choose. Just be sure to avoid fake products and pick your purchase from verified manufacturers.
  19. hCG oral drops do not have unexpected results. For example, when you receive intramuscular hCG injections, there’s always a tiny chance of getting an intramuscular abscess or an infection that can result even in a phlegmon, which is a life-threatening condition. On the other hand, when taking hCG oral drops there’s absolutely NO CHANCE for such unpleasant things.
  20. Proficient customer support. The hCG oral drops recommended for purchase and use are never fake ones – so there’s no need for the manufacturer to hide in the shadows. Every hCG drops product reviewed on this website (hCG Complex, Omni Drops, hCG 1234 and hCG Triumph) is delivered to you with a highly effective customer support service. If needed, just contact the manufacturer using the details specified in your hCG drops instruction.
  21. The hCG diet is highly customizable. Of course, you’ll have detailed recommendations on your diet and overall regimen provided by the manufacturer of your hCG oral drops, but there will always be some space for you to customize everything. You’ll be the one to choose your ingredients, workout program and everything else. Because the hCG diet was never meant to turn you into a thoughtless starving machine, but to help you lose excess weight and still stay the unique individual you’ve always been.

Hungry for more information? Check out the fabulous articles on the hCG diet that we’ve prepared for you!

Beginners guide to HCG

what exactly is hCG?

hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin – a hormone that can be naturally found in the human body under certain circumstances. And by “certain circumstances” we specifically mean pregnancy.

hCG is produced by the placenta – a special organ present in the female body exclusively during pregnancy. It is situated on the uterine wall and has many functions that ensure the proper development of the fetus. First of all, the placenta is the “connector” between the mother’s and the baby’s blood flow, thus supplying the latter with nutrients necessary for its growth. And it works the other way around too – the placenta transfers carbon dioxide and waste products from the fetus back to the mother’s circulatory system, so they can be excreted out in the end. The placenta also plays a great role in protecting the baby from infections, working as a mother-fetus barrier and preventing the transmission of microbes from one to another. Meanwhile, some of the mother’s immunoglobulins (special antibodies that promote immunity) are able to pass through the placenta, providing extra protection against possible diseases.

But, perhaps, one of the most important functions of the placenta is its endocrine activity – the synthesis and release of hormones. All of them are crucial for the healthy ongoing of pregnancy, supporting the process from different angles at every stage of this 9-month-long journey. One of such hormones is hCG – human chorionic gonadotropin.

During pregnancy, hCG stimulates the activity of the corpus luteum – a special structure in the woman’s ovary that produces and releases progesterone and estrogen. With the help of hCG, the levels of these hormones are ensured to be just right for the developing of the baby. This hormone also repels certain immune cells of the mother’s organism that could perceive the baby as a “foreign body” and attack it. With hCG, the baby is safe and sound.

One of the main functions of hCG during pregnancy is to mobilize the inner resources of the mother’s organism in case she’s not receiving enough nutrients in her food. That means that, for example, if the pregnant woman is sitting on a low-calorie diet or her food intake does not contain enough fats – hCG will stimulate her organism to burn up the previously stored body fat in order to ensure that the developing baby will receive its portion of nutrients no matter what happens. And, basically, that’s the reason why hCG has become the basis of the so-called hCG diet – it modifies your inner processes to burn stored fat more effectively! Let’s take a more detailed look at that.

How HCG Reduces Weight?

Like any other hormone out there, hCG is essentially a bioactive protein that interacts with all systems of organs in your body and takes part in numerous regulation processes.

One of them is your metabolism – the multitude of chemical reactions in your body that sustain the life in your cells. Keeping it simple, your metabolism is the rate at which your organism absorbs nutrients and uses them up to meet its needs. So, people with faster metabolism can afford to eat much more, because the nutrients in the food consumed are quickly used up by the body with no leftover calories to be transformed into body fat. On the other hand, people with slower metabolism easily gain weight, because the natural rate of their inner processes is slower – their body isn’t able to use up at once all the nutrients absorbed, so it “stores” them up to burn in the future.

The main effect of all hCG drops is the same – they give an extra boost to your natural metabolism, thus making your body more able to effectively use the calories consumed and burn the ones that were transformed into fatty tissue previously. Besides that “boost”, hCG drops also kick up your immune system, promote energy generation, improve sleep and lessen the general impact of stress on your body.

How does that happen? As we said above, hCG is one of the most important hormones during pregnancy. It is well-known for its ability to mobilize body fat in circumstances under which pregnant women don’t receive enough fats with their food. So, simply speaking, when your hCG levels increase, you’re tricking your body into thinking that its pregnant. And if you lower your intake of fats and sit on a low-calorie diet, your organism will mobilize its inner resources in order to provide its “baby” with the nutrients necessary. Sounds crazy, right? Well, maybe. But this mechanism proved to be very effective to countless people out there. The hCG diet was introduced to the public in the middle of the previous century, and many people from all around the world still report its effectiveness in matters of loosing excess weight without having to destroy yourself for the result.

What types of hCG are available for the general public?

Currently, there are two main types of hCG in the modern market – the “regular” hCG products and the homeopathic versions of them. The regular type of hCG products has real human chorionic gonadotropin among its components. This means that when you’re using these products, you can be sure that you’re receiving real hCG. Generally, these versions of hCG products are thought to be more effective than the homeopathic ones, but some people don’t exactly like dealing with hormonal products, although they’re absolutely safe to use.

For this type of folks, there are homeopathic versions of hCG products. That means that they contain a very small dose of hCG – or even no hCG at all. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work, mind you. Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that creates effective solutions using microscopically small amounts of ingredients diluted multiple types with a liquid base. The mechanism behind such an effect is not completely understood even today, but the homeopathic doctrine has lived through centuries and still remains an option for many people out there.

Another type of homeopathic hCG products is one that contains ingredients that altogether have an effect approximately similar to that of hCG. These products are usually a combination of amino acids and herbal extracts that boost your metabolism without the usage of hormones – all the components being 100% natural and safe to use.

In what forms is hCG available?

Human chorionic gonadotropin is available mainly in two forms: solutions for injections (usually intramuscular) and oral drops. Every form of hCG has its own indications, and they must be strictly followed in order to avoid side effects and other possible health issues. Only when used the right way they guarantee a good effect.

For example, solutions for intramuscular injections are usually administered by doctors in order to treat fertility issues or support pregnancy in women with naturally low levels of hCG. Keep in mind that this form of hCG is NOT an option to lose weight due to the high amount of hCG in the said solutions. Injections of hCG should be used ONLY according to your doctor’s prescriptions and under his careful supervision. Again, DO NOT USE injections of hCG to treat excess weight. Such an approach can potentially lead to serious disorders of your reproductive and/or endocrine system.

The right choice to treat obesity or excess weight is to go with hCG oral drops. They have much less hCG in them – in fact, just the right amount to help you burn body fat, but not even nearly enough to mess with your reproductive or endocrine system. hCG oral drops work as an effective dietary supplement and should be used during the hCG diets that the manufacturer suggests.

As we said, every form of hCG has its own indications and should be used the right way. Therefore, you should not use hCG oral drops to support pregnancy or treat fertility issues – these products are good solely for weight loss.

Best HCG Drops Comparison

  • TOP rated weight loss product in US market. HCG Complex seen on CNN, BBC, CNBC, Reuters, CNBC and other Media network.
    Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer is going on.
  • $34/Bottle

  • Speed of Results : Fastest
  • Ingredients Quality : 5/5
  • Product Safety : 100% Safe
  • Customer Service : 4.85/5
  • Customer Satisfaction : 100%
  • Reorder Rate : Highest
  • Return Policy : Risk Free
  • Amazon Ratings : 98% Positve
  • Walmart : 94% Positive
  • Note: Based on Amazon, Ebay ratings, this brand ranks in Top #1. Out of every 1000 verified buyers, 970+ satisfied customers.
  • There are many negative reviews on this product. This product also seen on CNN, BBC, CNBC and other Media network. But not as popular as HCG Complex.
  • $56/Bottle

  • Speed of Results : very slow
  • Ingredients Quality : 1.7/5
  • Has side effects.
  • Customer Service : 2.21/5
  • Customer Satisfaction : 57%
  • Reorder Rate : Below average
  • Return Policy : Risk Free
  • Amazon Ratings : 44% Positve
  • Walmart : 67% Positive
  • Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 702 positive reviews.
  • This product was scientifically approved but reorder rate is too low. Also, customer satisfaction rate is below 66%.
  • $57/Bottle

  • Speed of Results : Average
  • Ingredients Quality : 3/5
  • Product Safety : 100% Safe
  • Customer Service : 3.85/5
  • Customer Satisfaction : 66%
  • Reorder Rate : Average
  • Return Policy : Risk Free
  • Amazon Ratings : 51% Positve
  • Walmart : 68% Positive
  • Note: You must read review before you visit product site. Out of every 1000 verified customers only 640 positive reviews..

  • From the above comparison table, HCG Complex is one of the best HCG brand in modern market.
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